- distinctively glazed black numbers on a buff background surrounded by a black frame using a matt slate black glaze with the background provided by the natural colour of the clay

- clearly visible from a distance

- in frost resistant stoneware clay

- hand-made to order

- made with countersunk screw holes


inc. P&P (mainland UK)

£20.00 for 1 or 2 digits

£23.00 for 3 digits

Gift vouchers available

Size guide:

(all sizes are approximate)


1 digit (also numbers 10-19 & 21,31,41 etc) 17 x 17 cms

2 digits (e.g. 54) 19 x 19 cms

3 digits (e.g. 191) 19 x 23 cms

3 digits (e.g. 140) 19 x 26 cms

standard height of actual numbers 11cms

standard border/frame thickness 2cms

all plaques can be made to a specific size and different fonts are available please contact Katie to discuss individual requirements

N.B. colour and size may vary slightly as each plaque is individually hand-made

how to order a number